Our Collections

Shikhar Merchandise Corporation also offers an exquisite seasonal collection to decorate the contemporary home. Different types of furnishing designs are created keeping in mind the emotions and moods of a particular season of the year. As the weather changes around us, so does the natural environment. New colors are highlighted and the human eye finds a sense of comfort and belonging, which the modern home-maker loves to take inside the home.

Spring/Summer Collection

During this time, the sun is bright and the natural is at full bloom. Cool and light colors dominate our preferences, and thus our creations. Light blue, white, cream, beige, light greens are just some of these colors

Autumn/Winter Collection

As natural cycles complete, color tones around show great variation too. Saturated colors are highlighted more now, and considering this phenomenon, our designs revolve around yellows, greens among other colors.

Christmas Collection

Christmas time is a special time! As the year comes to a close, the cold winter sets in most parts of the world. In the reminiscing mood, we look for warmth and comfort, and hence the red and greens take over. Our most creative designs generally fall under the christmas collection