Curtain Accessories and Trims

Your house is well designed and well furnished with curtains and suitable decor items. Your curtains paint a pretty picture too but when you opt to use for curtain accessories such as tassels, tiebacks, magnetic holders, curtain clips; the entire set of windows and decor looks even more prettier and elegant.

Curtain Accessories are quite an important as they keep the curtains in shape and also allow light to filter through the windows effectively. Depending upon the type of window, you should choose the best curtain accessories. If you have extra large windows, bay windows with a house overlooking the sea or at a height you definitely need Curtain Accessories as they prove effective controlling the breeze or the amount of sunlight entering your house. In this way your house can remain cool and neat most of the time as it does not get very hot and the flow of dust and other particles gets effectively controlled.

Tassels and Trims:
Cotton, Rayon, Acrylic, Polyester, Jute, Beaded, Bone